Improve Security

Crime is a bigger problem than it used to be. 
We have to do much more to avoid the frequent crimes that are occurring in our garage and the occasional unauthorized intrusions into our buildings. 
Our current Board has not wanted to even tell us when these crimes are occurring!
Click on Police Report, below, to see how much crime has been occurring, just in our garage, our driveways and our outdoor parking.

I suggested, in 2022, that we should not have realtors’ lockboxes, stored in open cabinets that are in completely unsecure public places, as these lockboxes contain FOBs that give anyone access into the buildings & garage.  In 2022, a bunch of these lockboxes were stolen.  The Board refused my suggestion.  The picture, below, was taken at the loading ramp of 115, on May 14, 2024.  There are 2 units for sale, as of that date.