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For Condo Owners at 115 & 135 Antibes Dr

This website is updated frequently.  We will soon have a much more elegant and easy-to-use website. 

  Updates:  July 15, 2024 –
If you completed a proxy because someone came to your door and you were intimidated or afraid, you can easily change your mind, by simply properly completing a new ballot / proxy and that person will never know. Call us and we’ll gladly help you do this.

We are George Chajes & Daniel Abramov.

  • Please give us your proxies.  Time is running out.  Contact us.   We’ll help you fill out the proxy and submit it to the Management Office.
  • We want to be elected to the Board of Directors.  It’s time to start changing the old regime!
  • We want better security for our complex, open communications with the Board and a plan to rejuvenate our common areas.  Click here for details.
  • It will take us 2-years to create a Board of Directors that moves us forward.
  • We created this web site to enable continuous and open communications for all the owners.
  • We’ll ensure that we all always have easy access to all the information about our complex.
  • We’ll have an online Chat Room, for owners to openly discuss everything about our complex..
  • Click on the Table of Contents, above, to see the details.


July 14, 2024 – 
This year, we cannot vote electronically – making it harder to vote. Did they do this on purpose?  Call us and we’ll make it easier.

Our current Board wants to frighten owners by claiming that we might cause “Special Assessments”. Special Assessments are for emergency projects for which there is not enough money in the Reserve Fund.  We don’t know the status of our Reserve Fund, because our current Board does not share that information with us.  So, who should be blamed if we need a Special Assessment?

Click here to see an email exchange between George and Danny Brass.  An owner distributed a flyer that criticized the Board’s handling of the roof repair/replacement projects at 135 and on the townhouses.  Do you think it’s appropriate for Danny to call an owner “Animal” and “ignorant”?  Is this really the type of Board that we want and need?

July 10, 2024:  Click here to see the lawyer’s letter that was forwarded to me.  I believe that there are easier, faster and cheaper ways to communicate than by using lawyers.  

July 9, 2024 – Someone used a condo staff member to distribute Moti Flaster’s flyer containing his opinions about who you should vote for in the upcoming Board elections.  I think that is wrong.  

July 8, 2024 – The Annual Meeting date has now been re-scheduled for July 25, 2024, because I found significant mistakes in the Annual Meeting Package that all condo owners were originally sent.

The original package showed 4 candidates for the Board.  Somehow, the 2 of us were excluded:  George Chajes and Daniel Abramov.  Was that a coincidence?

In addition, the Proxy form did not give us, the owners, the ability to vote for individual candidates.  It only gives us the ability to appoint a proxy.

June 28, 2024:  I have still not received my General Meeting package, which, I assume, will include the proxy form.  So, as it’s a long weekend, the soonest it might arrive is July 2nd.  The meeting & election are on July 10th.  Proxies will have to be submitted before that, so that they can tabulated.  I believe the shortened proxy voting time period gives advantage to the current Directors who are running for re-election! 

June 26, 2024:  The nice, clean, unobtrusive, protective padding in the service elevator in 115 has been removed.  I don’t know why, but I do know that, in 2023, one of the Directors wanted that padding removed, because he didn’t like the way it looked.  It survived this long and now we have to worry about our service elevator getting unnecessarily damaged instead of being elegantly protected.

June 25, 2024:  Our Bylaw 9.1(b) requires that the annual meeting occur no later than 6-months after the fiscal year-end.  That makes June 30th that latest legal date.  Our meeting has been delayed, without public explanation, until July 10th.  I think this could advantage current Directors who are up for re-election.

June 24, 2024: The unit owned by one current Director is reported as sold, on   Yet this Director is listed as one whose term has not expired.  That is contrary to our bylaw 7.3(d)

Our property manager has told me that our condo corp.’s lawyer has requested that the following wording be clearly included on this page:  “ the website is not sanctioned or condoned by the corporation, the board or management and at the website is a unit owner website created by unit owners that has nothing to do with the corporation.