Who We Are and Our Objectives

Two of us are running for the Board, together:  
George Chajes – I live in 115 – unit 707 – (416) 822-4617.  
Daniel Abramov – I live in 135.  

Our biographies are linked, below.

Please vote for us.  Give us your proxies – call us. 

We have 3 objectives:

  • Improve the security of our complex. Crime is a bigger problem than it used to be.  We have to do much more to avoid the frequent crimes that are occurring in our garage and the occasional unauthorized intrusions into our buildings.  Our current Board has not wanted to even tell us when these crimes are occurring!
  • Create proper communications. Visit the web site that I have launched, ycc74.com.  We should all be able to always know everything that is happening in our complex.  We should all be able to voice our opinions and concerns in a way that everyone can see.  Information is power.  Our current Board has not communicated properly.  It has hoarded information.  It keeps the power.  We have to change that.
  • Improve Common Areas. Very little has been done to make common areas look better.  Our elevators look tired.  Our basement levels look like our buildings are a slum.  Our garage is always dirty.  While the lobby of 135 has had some improvements, the entrance and lobby of 115 look run down.Improve Comm